Add-on options

- party characters (the most popular)$350
- an art class for kids (up to 15 kids) ⃒ $350
- a cooking class (up to 15 kids) ⃒ $350
- face painting (up to 15 kids) ⃒ $350
- bubble show ⃒ $350
- cryo show ⃒ $350
- quest ⃒ $350
- photographer ⃒ $350
- cotton candy machine ⃒ $150
- bubble machine ⃒ $150
- popcorn machine ⃒ $150
- chocolate fondue ⃒ $150
- themed disposable dinnerware for your party ⃒ $50
- themed balloons, garlands, and arches ⃒ $50


- each additional guest (up to 25 children total) ⃒ $20
- each additional goody bag ⃒ $10
- extra dozen balloons ⃒ $40
- each extra pizza ⃒ $50
- extra 30 minutes in the party room ⃒ $80
- extra 60 minutes in the party room ⃒ $150

Rent the entire space for any event

(parties, trainings, corporate events, presentations, etc.):
- MON-THU 10am-5pm ⃒ $1299
- FRI-SUN 10am-5pm ⃒ $1599

Cooking Class:

The kids will be guided by a teacher in preparing cookies or candy, and they will have their own tea party after to enjoy their sweets! All materials included.

1. Playing Card Suits Cookies
2. Eat Me Cookies
3. Chess Piece Candy - Chocolate or Gummy


Art Class:

A teacher will demonstrate and assist kids in painting their very own masterpiece! All materials included.

— Canvas Painting - Subject Chosen From Portfolio


Face Painting

All party guests can enjoy wonderful face painting to get into the party theme!

• All guests may take part


Reading with Alice and Mad Hatter

— Alice and/or Mad Hatter will read books to kids and have some fun playtime after!



«Spa-Party» is a beauty salon for little princesses and princes in Alice Playroom.

With our team of professionals, we will organize an unforgettable party and brighten your holiday with beauty procedures!

We will organize relaxation time for your children:
  • Pedicure: foot bath with bubbles, light pedicure and massage with cream. (For convenience, we provide disposable slippers)
  • Manicure: relaxing hand bath with foam, light manicure, nail polish, cream application.
  • Face Mask: Could real princesses go without daily facial treatments!? For complete relaxation, we offer cucumber slices for eyes.
All materials are included.

$349 (up to 6 children)
$549 (up to 10 children)

*Spa-party only for guests under 16 y.o.

Party with a White Rabbit

Spend the holiday with the magician in Alice Playroom.

A bright magic show that will leave even adults impressed!

Do you want to surprise your children?

Arrange a birthday party in the style of «Party with a White Rabbit».

The magician will show a lot of exciting tricks!

Children participate in the program and become the assistants of a magician. We do everything to make the child feel like a magician and a real wizard.

$350 (up to 15 kids)

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